Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do Not Disgard

I love old books! I especially love old hardback novels from the forties and fifties. I found the Claudia book years ago, actually. I picked it up, looked it over and saw what I was hoping for...a "disgard" stamping on the back cover. I have always wondered what crime a book would have to commit in order for a library to DISGARD it! I wondered, what is this story about that someone decided to throw it away? Was it so over looked... so uninteresting that it could not possibly be allowed take up shelf space in a Library?
I started to read.
I read and read!
I loved this book! It was a story of a housewife in an ordinary family, with two children and two Great Danes, and a husband in the war.
I decided to read other "Disgarded" books. I loved them all!
The other day I went to one of my fav thrift stores and found this teen novel.
I brought it home and started reading.
I loved it!
It is a sweet story about sisters, and boyfriends, and dances, and corsages, and a time that I wish more than anything my own daughter could experience...
instead of, you know, how icky things are today in our culture.
I am much older than this book was intended for, but I love these corny teen novels I think most of all!
And, yes, it had the "DISGARD" stamping, yippee!
Now, I did see a set of old Bobbsey Twins books online today...

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