Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Childhood Dream Realized!!

OK, So when I was a small child, one of my nextdoor friends had every toy imaginable! In particular, she had the NEW Fisher Price Giant Screen Music Box TV! Oh how I wanted one! I used to go straight to it whenever I went to her house to play.

I never got one.

Yesterday, I went to Salvation Army in search of silk ties for a costume project, but was stopped in my tracks when I saw this behind the counter..where they keep the "Good Stuff". I asked to see it, wound it up, and watched it roll the pictures and play the melody.

I was five years old again! Uh,,YES...I bought it! Especially when another customer said "AWWWWW" and started toward it.

Now it will sit in a special place to remind me about what it was like to be a kid and wish for something...and GET IT!!!.......Finally.