Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shabby Couture New in my Shop!

I have been planning for quite a while to begin a new line of Shabby Princess dresses in my Etsy shop. Many of you know about my "other" Etsy shop, YelliKelli, where I do my fun art, clothing and hand embroidery. I have been wanting to do a line of girls dresses made with my HUGE supply of Vintage fabrics that I have saved for a long time. Today, I listed my first dress! She is called "Princess Clementine" and she is a Shabby Pale Pink number with my hand embroidery on the bodice, hand stitched roses and a very full skirt in creamy floaty gauze! I am planning to add many more designs, all One-Of-A-Kind, and calling them "Homemade Dresses...Couture" because they are Handmade, and will surprise you at how beautiful and unique they are! Check out Princess Clementine here, and check back to see my latest!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Did I Do That???

I found this sweet little doll in my daughter's room. I thought...what a cute little doll! She did a wonderful job making it! When I commented on it to her she said..."Mooooom! YOU made that! Remember, when I was little?"..............I did? Hmmmmm. I might remember....maybe I did!

I make stuff all the time. I am always working on an order from my Etsy shop (YelliKelli), working on a local order, or working on a new design. I make stuff ALL THE TIME!! So much so that sometimes I don't even remember making it!

One time, way back in Elementary school days for my DD, I was walking up the walkway to a schoolwide party. I saw a woman with a triple (no less) stroller with three darling girls riding in it. As I got closer, I saw they were all wearing the most adorable little t-shirts with cute little cartoony faces on them. They were obviously handpainted...and I was stopped in my tracks!

WHO was doing handpainted kids clothes in my small town that were CUTER THAN MINE?????

I felt a mild panic set in.....I have been the "local designer" for so long that I was stunned at how cute these girls looked!

I walked even closer to them....and I noticed it....MY SIGNATURE!!! They Were MINE!!

I remembered that I had painted them for a friend's birthday party for her baby! (They must have been guests, she gave them out as favors) It was one of those "get it done and delivered, and on to the next order" deals when I was so busy at the time!

I had to laugh at my relief! (Am I really that insecure?) Too Funny!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Might As Well Join 'Em

Hey, My art site, YelliKelli, has a Fan Club button for you to grab! If you put it on your blog or site, you can get 10% off your YelliKelli purchase from my Etsy shop at any time! Check it out at www.YelliKelli.blogspot.com for details!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do Not Disgard

I love old books! I especially love old hardback novels from the forties and fifties. I found the Claudia book years ago, actually. I picked it up, looked it over and saw what I was hoping for...a "disgard" stamping on the back cover. I have always wondered what crime a book would have to commit in order for a library to DISGARD it! I wondered, what is this story about that someone decided to throw it away? Was it so unpopular...so over looked... so uninteresting that it could not possibly be allowed take up shelf space in a Library?
I started to read.
I read and read!
I loved this book! It was a story of a housewife in an ordinary family, with two children and two Great Danes, and a husband in the war.
I decided to read other "Disgarded" books. I loved them all!
The other day I went to one of my fav thrift stores and found this teen novel.
I brought it home and started reading.
I loved it!
It is a sweet story about sisters, and boyfriends, and dances, and corsages, and a time that I wish more than anything my own daughter could experience...
instead of, you know, how icky things are today in our culture.
I am much older than this book was intended for, but I love these corny teen novels I think most of all!
And, yes, it had the "DISGARD" stamping, yippee!
Now, I did see a set of old Bobbsey Twins books online today...