Saturday, June 13, 2009

What is this Stuff?? What Do You Do With It???

Are these not the prettiest things? If you sew, you probably know what these are. If not, let me tell you..they are the cutest things for crafting!! These are serger scraps! My serger cuts the edge off the fabric when it sews it, and these are left over. I think they are much too pretty to put in the landfill, so I am packaging them up in big priority pouches and selling them on my Etsy site! And since the bag is stuffed so big, I'm calling it a "Double Wide"! They are so great for all kinds of crafting! Fringe on bookmarks, collage, trim, tassels, tags, cards, doll hair, crochet, I could go on & on! Check them out, they are in my favorite bright colors, mostly knits, but some darling prints too. Hey, comment here if you think of another great use for them!
Double Wide Serge Purge! There's a fresh idea!

Now Go Make Something Wonderful...and Green!

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