Thursday, June 11, 2009

Plain Jane Painting Yard Sale Find!

I found this great oil (I think) painting at a yard sale, for cheap! She is in a Fabulous frame! I loved how she is a Plain Jane rather than a glam beauty. She is signed and dated, Al Mayton 1963. She is Sooo Helen Crump, (Andy Griffith's girlfriend) or Prim Librarian, and I just thought she was wonderful!
My first thought was to alter this painting by adding a crown, collage, poetry, etc. to make her Over the Top Divine! I thought she could be done up as a Plain Girls are Fabulous theme!
But, as an artist myself, I wonder if I should leave her be. Or, should I put her up for sale to a collector?
I've put up a poll on the right for you to vote. Come on! Let me know what you think!


  1. Scanning through some Alabama bloggers and came across your blog. Love it!

    I'm not sure if the picture is more Helen or Thelma Lou! Bless her heart, I think there's a glamour girl lurking underneath her homely all means give the girl some 'bling'!

  2. Al Mayton is (was) my Uncle. We have 4 watercolors he painted and the signature is a exact match. If you ever make a decision to sell this painting we would be very interested. Thanks!

  3. Sorry, left off my contact info, You can contact me via email at thanks!